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cut granite special saw blade price (granite cutting saw blade head)

Summary: 锯切1.5-2.5cm常规花岗岩薄板,进刀速度超过9m/min,切割方数超过300㎡,相对于一般花岗岩锯片,锯无霸350B简直就...

sawing 1.5-2.5cm routine granite thin plate, the feed speed exceeds 9m / min, the cutting count exceeds 300m2, relative to the general granite saw blade, the saw anti-over 350b is simply a thin plate cutting artifact.

our saw anti-over 350b adopts a sharp short tooth cutter head with a size of 27 × 3.3 × 20 mm. short teeth high cutting heads, cutting sharpening. cutting routine granite thin plate, ordinary granite saw blade is not there, but cutting efficiency and life will have a significant increase, the saw anti-over 350b advantage is obvious: the ordinary granite thin plate of 2 cm is cut, the net walking knife speed is as high as 9m / min, not only the knife is fast, and the knife is very stable, the finished product, straight angle error, the verticality error and the horizontal error are ≤0.2mm, the average sideway error and the diagonal limit tolerance are ≤1.5mm, saw the saw, including 3.7-3.8mm the material is as high as 99%. many customers are covered with thin plate cutting artifacts.

is called the artifact of the helium 350b cutting life. our saw anti-over 350b uses brand diamond sand, select the carcass powder according to the patent formula, the cutter head is much higher than the ordinary granite saw blade, and the super high 20mm cutter head is used to create a cutting life of 400-500m2. cut artifact.

this saw anti-over 350b: cutting phase, good; cutting efficiency, high; cutting life, long. it's a conventional conventional thin plate granite saw blade! if you are interested in granite saws, please feel free to call our free hotline.