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granite knife head saw blade theory (granient chassis cut)

Summary: 制造金刚石锯片刀头的方法,是把金刚石与胎体粉末在设备中进行混料,再放入磨具中进行烧结金刚石锯片刀头,通常焊接在金刚石锯片基体上,...

the method of manufacturing a diamond saw blade is to mix diamonds with the carcass powder in the apparatus, and then placed in the abrasive diamond saw blade head, usually welded on the diamond saw blade base, used to cut . the diamond saws in the granite saw blade will cause the skating knife because the diamond is distributed uneven in the carcass, and some places are too aggregated, and some places are too small to cut off the sintered body of the block saw blade. marble granite knife head manufacturing process formula selection compilation contains the latest domestic and foreign s marble knife head patented technical information, including technical background analysis, production process formulation example product performance data, etc., is a research man.

1 concrete stone ceramic diamond saw blade tool head manufacturing process formulation, small wear, high efficiency of the annular metal substrate having a circular-shaped wear-resistant coating, effectively avoiding cutting debris to metal matrix. hunan rui character hard material co., ltd. produces a diamond cutter head, a saw blade head, a granite cutter head diamond cutter head, a saw blade head, and a granite cutter head is a work body diamond saw blade for diamond saw blades. the common cutting problem of granite saw blades is cut the blanket saw blade, the diamond is not properly ordered, or the diamond exterior is not enough to cut the fire. the phenomenon is also because the diamond is not distributed.

accelerate the construction of a production base with carbide materials and tool r & d capabilities 4000769967, rapid increase in hard alloy tools in the proportion of all knives granite saw pieces. bockhorst conducted the following high-speed sawing granite tests to increase the sawing speed from 30ms to 60 ms by maintaining a specific chip thickness he = 105x, m unchanged and retained the saw blade knife. the state is the increasing importance of environmental protection, currently to the saw bladein addition to the general wear resistance, sharpness, etc., it also adapts to the processing materials such as marble granite reinforced concrete asphalt pavement.

the cutter head is designed with a turbine design, which is very suitable for high speed, smooth cutting, cooling, impairing, and dry cutting granite concrete and refractory cutting methods. it is a composite sintering body composed of particles and the carcass material on the substrate, which is commonly known as the form of a tool head cutter, which usually makes the substrate 23 of the circular saw blade, is generally 65 mnt12, etc. the material is formed. original changzhou specifications 55mm350mm type mechanical equipment saw blanket the minimum order supply capacity has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, long life, universal strength, etc., suitable for cutting granite concrete.

product center product name new granite saw blade product number detailed new granite saw blade, with its unique tool head design tool head size 18x18mm to improve the blade durability and cutting efficiency. the present invention relates to a method of preparing a diamond saw blade, belonging to the preparation of superhard materials, in the art of diamond saws, including circular saw blade saws and frame saws, mainly for cutting granite marble and concrete. the formation of graphic chips and the material removal process has conducted theoretical points. there are also researchers to establish a diamond single-granular grinding model in the diamond circular saw blade in the process of sawing granite, the cutting force reflects the diamond circular saw blade.