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granite saw blade solder (concrete cutting tablets)

Summary: 切割寿命长,切割效果好,锋利度84分,切割精细度82分切割中等硬度的2公分大理薄板,寿命可达1200平米目前热销埃及俄罗斯印度和...

long cut life, good cutting effect, 84 points of sharpness, 2 cm sons of cutting medium hardness, 82, cutting medium hardness, life can reach 1200 square meters, currently selling egypt russia and china and china. changli is specializing in the production of granite saw blade, focusing on the development of granite saw blade, granite cutting sheet, granite cutting saw blade, granite saw blanks to find changli, changli has more the inventions. china building material building materials search hot plate welding stone blades 350 provide thematic information platforms, including welding supply and demand information 350 stone blade, blade welding stone 350 price, welding stone saw 350 suppliers of new information welding stone blade 350.