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granite saw blade tie (granite saw blade)

Summary: 本发明涉及金刚石工具的技术领域,更具体地说,本发明涉及一种花岗岩锯片刀头的制备方法 背景技术 节块式金属结合剂金刚石制品通常采用...

the present invention relates to the technical field of diamond tools, and more particularly, the present invention relates to a method for preparation of granite saw blade cutters. the saw blade is generally a hard alloy knife. the saw blade spindle rotational speed 20005000 turning saw has cut saw precision saws, and the precision saw is divided into general broken bridge aluminum alloy door and windows precision saw cnc precision saw number of briquettes.

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china manufacturing network manufacturer yingkou hekou xin material co. background of the invention 1. field of the invention the present invention relates to a row saw cutter head by sintering, mainly involving a row saw blade head capable of cutting granite, further involving the row saw blade.

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