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the saw blade of the granite saw blade can saw jade (steel saw strip cut jade)

Summary: 翡翠开料通常是用玉石专业店铺的切割机锯片如今玉石行业内一般翡翠开料需要用到的工具有两种,一种是在专业的店铺的切割机,一般比较昂贵...

emerald opening is usually two kinds of tools that use jade professional stores. today, there are two tools that need to be used in the jade industry. one is a cutting machine in a professional store. it is generally more expensive emerald stone. it mainly uses different diameter saw blades to cut processing and polishing and engraving, then the granite saw blade is mainly used on which machines on the shanghai rongzi saw blade, the common machine has a goggle cutter number control bridge.

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suitable for cutting open jade gemstone agate crystal emerald and other non-metallic materials jewelery handicraft processing, while also suitable for stone cleaning gap, precious watch glass screen glass and other cuts. detailed 20160721 square wood multi-saws can be sawed once, which is a large number of high-speed operations than the tape saw efficiency.

cut jumper granite sawthe diamonds in the tablets will cause the skid out because the diamond is uneven in the carcass, and some places are too aggregated, and some places are too small to cut off the burn. the diamond saws in the granite saw blade will cause the skating knife because the diamond is distributed uneven in the carcass, and some places are too aggregated, and some places are too small to cut off the sintered body of the block saw blade.

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