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thickness difference between marble saw blade and granite saw (granite marble thickness error)

Summary: 大理石比花岗岩硬度低,同等产品价格还便宜点,金刚石锯片是欺硬怕软的 他们的主要区别是刀头的配方不同,适合相应的硬度最佳金刚 囩囩...

marble ratio is low, the same price is too cheap, the diamond saw blade is a difference between their main differences that are afraid of soft, suitable for the corresponding hardness best king kong yesterday 1419 marble and granite in general, there is a textured, called marble, called granite full. the formula is not the same marble saw blade and granite saw blade are diamond saw blade, the cutter head is a metal powder plus diamond mix, high temperature sintering, marble, low granite hardness, the same product price is also cheap, diamond. the granite saw blade is a kind of stone cutting piece. it is used to processed granite, and the saw blade generally has several parameters, one of which is the thickness of the saw blade.

granite marble thickness error granite and marble are relatively uncommon stone, which is widely used in the building, but the difference between the granites and marble is still very good, and the texture of granite is atriform. marble is mainly used in indoor, granite is mainly used in outdoor, all of which are high-grade finished materials, marble and granite, indoor and outdoor finished decoration, but cost is high, and therefore used for public buildings and decorations. granite and marble are stone, which is also used in decoration houses, and their cutting sheets are an essential tool for processing products, such as granite cutting and marble cuttings.

road saw blade concrete saw blade ceramic saw blade marble saw blade granite saw blade pebble saw blade open cell saw blade pipe pile piece, etc., the product is mainly used for cutting of concrete stone ceramic glass. alibaba merchants circle, to show you the type of granite saw blade specification, the use of different machinery, the actual application of the granite saw blade, the actual application of different stone, is a strong professional, the silver sky saw is my country's existing stone. bigwhat is the difference between the stone saw blade and the concrete saw blade is round, and the outer strength alloy is embedded in the outer strength alloy, the alloy intensity of marble saw is higher, and the width is wider. some saw blades are thin for cutting the solid material.

to choose a good granite saw blade, this requires us to have a detailed understanding of the granite saw blade, or it will be very easy to be fooled by the insider. ali baba friends of the circle, to show you the kind of rich granite saw blade for cutting different specifications of practice, granite blades are available in various different standards depending on the thickness of the saw blade granite material standard material, has a different. longitudinal multi-saw blade cutting machine and hand shake cutting machine, sawing machine, granite rock marble stone gray stone sandstone xuanwu shate rock, etc., or concrete refractory ceramic asphalt microcrystalline stone saw blades and other more than 10 category, granite saw blade is divided into φ 350 according to the thickness of the granite sheet.

in the case of stone sawings, almost all of the time, the flow or circulating water cooling saw blade and the special granite marble, with the development of science and technology and modern industries, mainly introduced the category of the cooled saw and its functional broken bridges are two common double-headed double headers in a large class. t-shape of the u-shaped aperture and the aperture blade stone saw two kinds of stone, marble, granite marblegranite blade specifications in mm outer diameter d of the outer diameter d as shown below tip thickness t. fig. in response to different varieties of marble, hubei yin tian engineers have developed several series of saw blades, like a diameter of 800mm granite saw blade, stone cutting tool, stone saw blade diamond tool factory september 2, 2019 product category diamond cutting granite saw blade and differences in marble saws hubei silver sky saw industry 7 weld these twothe weld between the body and the cutter head.

sawless to cut the stone, use the artificial diamond plus metal alloy powder to be used for raw materials, marble and granite, and ceramic slices, samples, concrete cutting sheets, road cutting sheets, etc. below.