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why does the granite saw blade reduce thickness (stone plate error)

Summary: 切削过程中热量的累计对花岗岩锯片焊接体的组织机械性能造成弱化通过金刚石传导的震动撞击力对胎体组织强度的削弱,造成胎体对金刚石的把...

the accumulation of heat during the cutting process, the tissue mechanical properties of the granite saw blade weld body have weakened the impairment force of the diamond conduction to the weakening of the carcass tissue strength, resulting in a decrease in the carcass to the diamond. don't worry, alloy cutters can be worn again, use it again, after wearing, and new, don't buy new, more spending money, if it is a general, not very money, the blanket, or direct change new.

with the increase of the bidirectional switching of the granite saw blade, the thickness of the automatic removal plate must also increase, and the number of stone is also increased from the number of stone seams. the granite saw blade is a kind of stone cutting piece. it is used to process granite, and the saw blade generally has several parameters, one of which is the thickness of the saw blade.

due to the high hardness and uniformity of natural granite, there is a difference in uniformity, and there is a larger load condition and reduce saw cutting speed and feed speed. in addition, the high-frequency fiber soldering saws are short, change the knife. the direction of rotation of the granite saw blade is the same as the stone feed direction, which is reversed to reverse cutting, and inverse cutting when inverse cutting, the cutting depth should be reduced, generally reduced to the 1312 feed speed of the crown.

so most customers require the requirements of granite saw blade cutting accuracy. there is no marble saw blade, but there are many kinds of granite, in order to better habits of granite species in various regions, shanghai rongzi saw blade expert team passed. many stone plant bosses indicate that the granite is easy to crack, not only is not beautiful, it needs to be re-trip, and it also reduces work efficiency, and there is a problem in the life of use. then i will tell you how to do it.

the diamond concentration of granite saw blade means that the diamond density distributed in the working layer matrix is ​​the unit area because the degree of diamond concentration reduces the average cutting force of each diamond, butyes, the increase in concentration must. according to the requirements of different cutting machines of cutting stone, there must be certain requirements for granite saw blade specifications, and what specification parameters are there.

the batch production is a five-parallel disc saw blade, which serves the wasteland as the above-specified thickness, and then uses a horizontal saw blade, cutting all the plates saw the height of the design requirement. total 2 pages. granite saw blade 350mm granite saw blade 350mm wholesale promotion price origin _ alibaba 4 days ago alibaba to find 157 granite saw blades 350mm products detailed parameters, real-time quotation, price quotes, quality wholesale supply.

in particular, as the granite marble, with the development of science and technology and modern industries, stone application leading the stone saws into strips, molded milling wheel milling mold, suitable for width and narrow flower line production . the production process of granite saw blade mainly adopts the frame strip including sand saw diamond granite saw blade and diamond rope saw three ways domestic diamond rope granite saw surface application surface is still very narrow, only for marble.

specifications are generally 600 * 600, 800 * 800, the standard thickness is generally detailed 20171019 broken bridge procurement spraying speed rubber paint procurement anti-off waterproof waterproof packed 300 granite taishan saw blade.