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cut marble tile slot saw blade (what kind of saw blade cutting ceramics)

Summary: ###一般都是卖大理石的切割好的吧,工人是不做 金刚石切割片切瓷砖 没有反正之分,可以开槽###水泥墙貌似用磨石那类的切片的吧...

### general is a cleaning of marble, workers do not do diamond cutting tablets cutting tiles do not have any point, can slot ### cement wall seeming to use grind stone, slices of slices panasonic cutting tablets. the utility model belongs to the technical field of superhard tool, in particular, in the prior art, the diamond saw blade "cut", in fact, diamonds grinds marble to powder. can't be used to cut metal, cut marble, tiles, is based on marble, tiles, special research and development, cutting metal materials, diamond saws, cutting the marble tiles.

marble saw blades are not possible. it is not possible to be in danger. because more crisp 2 days ago, the marble is good or a non-porcelain worker can also cut marble cut.