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how to cut the marble saw blade (what cut to marble)

Summary: 下刀量和走刀速度了,一般来说,挂9片组合锯,45KW足以 大理石锯片和花岗岩锯片的区别 您所说的锯片应该都是。锯片直径一米,电机...

the lower knife and the speed of the knife are, in general, hang 9 combination saws, 45kw is enough to distinguish between marble saws and granite saw blades. the saw blade should be. the saw blade is one meter, the motor is 1440 to one meter diamond saw blade, the speed is hit by the speed, how much to turn, how much to turn, the belt wheel is used for you to share.

cut marble when the speed rotating saw blade sawtooth surface material contains a proliferative diamond powder analysis of the sawtooth surface select diamond powder for surface material 12 due to the high hardness of the marble, it is better to be more wear resistant than the marble hardness. the saw blade shield or safety baffle is detailed, the console must be stable, and the night work should have enough lighting wet cut all kinds of stone building materials tile granite marble cement board red brick refractory bricks, etc.

you can use your hand whey wheel to cut the saw blade to cut, pay attention to the protective cover, if it is a dedicated blade of the microcrystalline stone, cutting the tile does not have any problems, appropriate slow down the cutting speed to see, general answer. the existing saw blade for cutting marble mainly includes a circular saw blade having a diameter of 350 mm, a metal matrix having a thickness of 24 mm, a diamond cutter having a thickness of 34 mm, and the length of the cutter head is 40_42 mm.

what is marble? the role of stone cutting sheets in the diamond is actually in order to study along the milling contact arc region, and changli will simplify the combined force of the role to simplify the combined force, decomposed into horizontal force fx and vertical force f, or points. wet cut various stone building materials tile granite marble cement board red brick refractory bricks, etc. it is a tool for home renovation, but should pay attention to the following 1. the saw blade aperture should be consistent 2 saw.

stone cutting machine saw blade matrix adopts 65 manganese steel, and the thickness is strictly complied with product implementation standards.rugged, the cutter is mixed with high quality diamonds, metal powder mixed into stone cutting machine to change the lock from the blade. the first thing to cut the marble cutting piece, according to the corner mill used in the saw blade, the general corner grinder is hand-held, and common is the cutting machine bought by the hardware store. after the machine, the first thing is good. size.

the operation method will now let the artificial marble flat, with a size of the size and draw the line, then install the stone cutting piece, slowly cut from the scribe, it is necessary to use the mineral water bottle to increase the efficiency or more. the screws of this banned saw blade are the right-left check carbon brushes. if wear is serious, change the new carbon and brush you, if you don't do it, you don't matter if you live, dust is big. .

diamond saw blade can cut the stone each of the two ends of the saw blade shaft holder is sandwiched, and the fixed saw blade shaft is integrated by the saw blade and the rotating shaft, one bearing support is connected to the drive system, and the other bearing holder can be sawd. the slide on the box slides out so that the support.