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marble saw blade material (what is the material of marble saw

Summary: 大理石锯片是用来切割大理石的工具,它所必备的性质就是坚硬锋利,随着工业的发展我们更加离不开金刚石锯片了,大理石锯片市场也会变得越...

marble saw blade is used to cut marble tools. the nature it is necessary is hard sharp. with the development of industrial development, we are more inseparable from diamond saw blades, and marble saws will become more and more bright. marble saw blade must have a special material and design a clear profile 4000769967, marble saw blade is easy to operate in practical cutting practice, and marble saw blade facilitates the actual operation of the cutting. good marble saws mainly meet the following conditions 1 product material is good, here is recommended to use 50mn2v or 75cr1 2 product heat treatment should be advanced, only good heat treatment can make the original zhang of the saw blade.

after quenching + medium temperature back heat treatment, it has been used to have dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy, two combination saw blade matrix is ​​used to group cutting granite and marble plates, which greatly improves. the brothers in the stone industry, everyone knows that we are in the process of cutting the stone in marble saws, depending on the different nature of stone and its hardness. tiba rabbit installation and answer platform provides users with a variety of marble saw pieces, what brand of marble saws, s. tiba rabbit decoration, pay, gather, massive owners, the decoration experience and wisdom, quickly solve the marble saw blade, what brand is good.

the materials and saw blades of the saw blade have a certain relationship. different saw blade application scenarios, such as common woodworking saw blades, etc., then today jin rui tool is simple to explain the material of the saw blade. therefore, marble saw blade is generally used for indoor decoration because of marble, it is rich, and the color is soft and other advantages. it will look at the layout after laying. it is rich in marble. the cutting is a common processing method. so what kind of cutting sheet can cut the marble marble saw blade is a key device for processing marble, different specifications and marble cutting sheets of the use.