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what is the particle size of marble saw blade (diamond saw blade steel)

Summary: 小直径的锯片锯切的效率低,要求岩石锯切截面光滑,宜选用较细的粒度,如5060,6080 刀头浓度 所谓金刚石浓度,是指金刚石在工...

small diameter saw blades are low, requiring the rock saw to smooth, preferably a fine particle size, such as 5060, 6080 tool head concentration so-called diamond concentration, refers to the distribution of diamonds in the working layer. density. the granularity of the diamond resolution, the larger the particle size number of the particles per calad, the more the number of particles per calad, the more the diamonds are cut by the cutting area of ​​the marble saw blade. the diamond saw blade is called pcd saw blade, as an example of woodworking, is a diamond saw blade with a carbide saw blade is a sawtooth welding pcd composite diamond and a saw blade diamond saw 2113 slice is a cut.

shopping marble cutting diamond saw blade ceramic diamond sand brazing slice glass quartz iron tile stone grinding, this product is provided by jiahua tool abrasive shop, there is a problem to consult the merchant directly. its size affects diamond marble saw cutting rate saw blade stress and heat dissipation of the sawing area it is a common diamond granular with a diamond saw blade in the 3035 # ~ ​​6080 # rock and harder. it can also be used to cut the material while the diamond corner grinding grain size has a variety of size, and there are commonly used in 466080100120150 to rough grinding to fine grinding, specific uses and specifications, respectively.

when producing marble skin bricks, the diamond circular saw blade is small, and the line speed can reach 35 ms when producing marble skin bricks, the diamond circular saw blade used is small, and the line speed can reach 35 ms. the stone saw blade is a diamond saw blade. this saw blade can do it yourself, and it is also necessary to distinguish the cutting granite and marble, generally granited atrial saw blade, the belonging to himself, it is 60 to 80 yuan, factory use over. model 2200, particle size 130, outer diameter 9003500mm, inner diameter 50mm, thickness 0712mm, dalithe stone worm cuts the diamond saw blade is used to cut the stone slabs such as marble, limestone and other non-quartz stone.

diamond saw blade marble diamond saw blade although not like precious items, it is often careful, but if you want to cut the efficiency fast diamond saw blade, you need to pay attention to maintenance. the diamond saw blade is mainly made of electroplating process, and has the advantages of good impact resistance of cutting sharp use. it is mainly used for all kinds of stone, ceramics, glass, carbide, treasured cutting processing. the saw blade is more than 3035 ~ 6070 cutting sandstone cement pavement asphalt pavement refractory glazed tile soft marble, etc., requiring the binding agent carcass to be soft and unwind and have a certain brittleness.