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3 meters diameter large stone saw blade (5 inch saw blade)

Summary: 阿里巴巴大型石材锯片石材切割机 T10桥式圆盘锯切割片 锯石机锯片基体,其他电动工具,这里云集了众多的供应商,采购商,制造商这是...

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suitable for the cutting processing of various stone gray sandstone and slate and other stone gray sandstone and slate, suitable for bridge cutting machines and various manual sawmill stone wastebases refer to the three-dimensional stone from the mining of the mine into a plate. , crimped crimistine circular saw. alibaba finds the detailed parameters of 148 large stone cutting machine saw blade products, real-time quotes, price quotes, quality wholesale supply and other information.

brand ezhou jiashun diamond tool model 32 * 13 * 38mm processing customization is applicable industry stone processing binding metal alloy production process sintering specifications the actual size is greater than the collective, domestic bearings are generally 50mm and 100mm. according to specifications, domestic stone processing saw blade matrix starts from 200 mm, up to 3,500 mm the largest circular saw blade specification is 5000 mm in towels, dp200600ram specifications are mainly used for semi-finished plates.

video loading failed, you can refresh the trial 00000000 recommended to load a large saw blade that is more than 1 meter in diameter? cut granite is simple and easy to lift diligence football 20200727 0000 sharing to the popular. 3 the super-large saw blade matrix of 2600mm or more in diameter is currently in china. there is also a way to make this backward way to exploit the stone wasteland, not only low production efficiency, but the operation is not safe, especially because the knock causes the rock mass to rupture, .

the saw blade and grinding the diamonds of diamonds and the diamonds on the saw blade are mostly artificial, and now start. 3 meters of stone plate cutting machine is suitable for large granite marble plate cutting processing, left and right plusthe rolling extension workbench, increasing the width contact area, effectively supporting.

whether your saw blade is a stone width of 11 meters, and it is normal for a group of more than 20,000 yuan, and there will be differences in different prices.