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can the saw blade of the stone cut into glass (have cut tempered glass measures)

Summary: “用于切割瓷砖大理石的金刚石锯片是否可以切割金属”为您说说装修这里面的事,省心装修拒绝增项拒绝猫腻。大理石是室内装饰的重要石材之...

"diamond saw blade used to cut tile marble can cut the metal" to tell you about the renovation of this, and the decoration of the decoration refuses to refuse the cat. marble is one of the important stone in the interior decoration, and it is more useful, so the granite saw blade can cut the marble stone? can the marble use granite saw blade? shanghai rongzi saw we understand. this approach is not available to cutting the tempered glass, because if you try to split it, it will break before formal cutting, first find a blocked glass practice craft, until you master this method advertising warning to protect the protection.

welcome to taobao strength wangpu, buy the special cutting piece of the seam marble small and frosted electric grinding tempered glass, the product is wear-resistant, which is provided by the extension of the ancient department store shop, there is a problem to consult the merchant. welcome to taobao strength wangpu, choose the special cutting piece of cutting steel glass, the diamond shaped grinder, marble saw blade, quartz ceramic stone cut, this product is provided by the merda bathroom flagship store, there is a problem directly to consult the merchant. tile cutting saw blade price 10 yuan 50 yuan, just see your cutting floor or wall tiles, but also to see the quality of the brick, good bricks should be a little better, and some bricks have a bricks to use the slice bricks to buy it. slice, otherwise the slice hardness is not reached.

molding glass is an integrated can't make holes can't cut it! don't dare to cut from new, remember! steel wave cannot be cut, everything is bad. baidu love purchases provide you with diamanda saws, including diamond sab saw blade hot goods area diamond sand saw blade hot supplier zone diamond sand saw blade related recommendation area, etc. i want to know more of the diamond saw blade related content, can go to baidu love purchase platform. 1 diamond saw blade is fearful to be soft, hard 2 metals, which are plastic materials, now in marble glass, metal is "soft"multiple 3 marble glass is a brittle material, the hardness is greater than the metal 4 diamonds belong to expensive.

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