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stone saw blade coolant (stone cutting saw blade)

Summary: 金刚石圆锯片切割石材过程中冷却润滑剂的作用机理探讨,隆威,张乐林,赵吉锋非金属矿1992年第06期杂志在线阅读文章下载。福建石材...

mechanism of the mechanism of cooling lubricants during diamond circular saw blade cooling lubricant, longwei, zhang le lin, zhao ji. fujian stone cooling co., ltd., quanzhou anxi county official bridge town during the stone cutting process, the cut saw blade causes a large amount of thermal energy due to high speed rotation and rubbing with stone, causing a saw blade to heat up, affecting its service life, generally need to be carried out by water cooling.

at present, in the sawing stone operation, the world's multi-purpose water cools the tool, not only the sawing efficiency is low, but the knife has a corrosive effect, and a large amount of water and pollution environment russia have improved saw rate, saving water and reduced. jingdong is a domestic professional stone cutting machine saw blade online shopping mall. this channel provides stone cutting machine saw blade model stone cutter saw blade specifications, providing you with stone cutting machine saw blade model specification provides a full range of price reference, provided pleasure.