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stone cutting machine changing saw blade is a filament or anti-wire (stone cutting machine saw blade installation video)

Summary: 切割机更换割片时,需要用到随机配送的一套专用扳手扳手套在上夹板,套筒套在固定螺丝上,只需注意一点的是上面的固定螺丝是反丝的 所谓...

when the cutting machine replaces the cutting, a set of special wrench wrenches that require random distribution is on the upper splint, the sleeve is set on the fixed screw, and only pay attention to the above fixed screw is the so-called saw blade of the filament. depend on. first we will need to replace the saw blade and then prepare a removal stone. prepare the cutting machine's dedicated wrench, point the convex position of the wrench to the cutting hole and rotate the wrench to push the hole to the bottom of the hole, remove the cutting piece down to remove the new cutting piece, will cut.

the stone cutting machine does not follow how to turn back, if you are still on the restart, it is usually the control desk, find the factory after sale, check whether the data is normal, not normal, it is called it again, so it is possible to turn the blade when the stone cutting machine is working or reversed. 1 when the cutting sheet of the tile cutting machine has a gap, deformation or cracks need to be replaced first, turn off the total power supply or remove the plug to do nothing. a set of special wrench wrenches that need to be used with random distribution are set on the upper splint, and the sleeve is sleeve on the fixed screw, and only note that the above fixed screw is the filamentable sleeve clockwise.

the cutting sheet holder is tightened. no matter where we tighten the cutting sheet or the holder, you need to press the button behind the cutting machine, and then tighten the stone cutting machine for a long time. the cloudstone machine refers to the stone cutting machine, which can be used to cut a different material such as stone, tile, and wood, and the cutting slices and 嘻 嘻 嘻 达 达 人 人 人 人 人 自己 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 西 西 西 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋 屋stone cut saw blade how to install the correct stone cutter saw blade without anyway, just install it, just press the pressure plate, the nut is tightened to make the stone cutting machine how to change the bearing stone cut on the cutting sheet.

during the processing of stone processing, the stone cutting machine is definitely essential to the cutting machine used in the cutting machine, the main water knife cutting machine, the infrared cutting machine, etc. synery network xiaobian is shared by the stone cutting machine. a image of this portable stone cutter should be pushed forward in the arms, and the direction of the cutting sheet is rotated clockwise, as shown in the figure, so the force of the blade is always down. it is conducive to the operation because i should have a little high c whipkin. is it a clockwise clockwise? the common use of stone cutters is a diamond saw blade, which is economical, convenient, and widely widely used. different venues, different materials should be combined with the appropriate saw blade, cut the sheet.

use a dedicated tool to screw down the lock, and finally the appropriate saw blade power tool is turned clockwise according to the actual gamouser machine, so it is necessary to install the circa saw blade in the correct direction. the stone cutting machine is used to cut the stone cutting machine for cutting stone instead of wood cutting machine, in general, in exchange for cutting wood, you can cut wood, just cutting, don't be too fast, i see laser stone cutting machine price stone, now there is no laser machine to do water-cutting or laser co2. i think the blade of the stone cutter can only be turned forward, only the forward turn can cut the stone, if the reversal not only does not work properly, it will damage the cutting blade or cause damage to the operator, so that 1 rotor is more the main rotating parts of the power machinery and work machine is a new or a new one.