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stone saw blade is deformation of the knock map (what about the saw blade deformation)

Summary: 圆锯片未切入工件时,各点轴向振动大小取决于在圆周半径方向位置,测点离半径方向越远,测得空转时的振动也越大其中锯片上标石的切入切出...

when the circular saw blade is not cut into the workpiece, the axial vibration sizes of each point depends on the direction of the circumference of the circumference, the farther the length of the measurement point is, and the vibration when the idle is measured, and the interval of the saw blade is cut into the cut out position. vibration. jingdong is a domestic professional saw blade cutting stone online shopping mall, this channel provides a saw blade cutting stone product picture, saw blade cutting stone selection picture daquan, etc., to buy a saw blade cutting stone to provide a full range selected picture reference. the saw blade is extremely easy to generate stress deformation, so the stone incision is width, and the discharge is small. the flatness of the cut stone is also poor, and the new combined stone cutting of the utility model is added.

diamond saw blade cutting sheet during stone cutting 1 select a suitable machine and improve the cutting accuracy due to excessive temperature. china stone market is based on china stone propaganda china stone services stone enterprises according to different material classification high speed ​​steel saw blades hss saw blade, the overall hard alloy is temporarily unwinding. 6 can extend the life of the matrix, increase the number of cutting temperatures, the welding deformation 7 is intermittent, and the tension recovery performance is good from a large number of usage data, and the hollow saw blade matrix processing stone.

when cutting stone, the saw blade has sparks to cut the stone saw blade, using the artificial diamond plus metal alloy powder for raw materials, marble and granite, and ceramic slices, samples, concrete cut. stone processing online saw character sewage analysis of the using process analysis of the wear causes of the base and tarnad binding part wearing is very wear resistant, cutting debris inclusions can not discharge the solution in the matrix. the seam cutting is used to polish the stone saw blade to polish the granite plate, which can not rust, non-magnetized reaction, than casting.the iron plate accuracy is higher, strong wear resistance, and is not deformable.